What If 3D Printing Was 100X Faster?

3D printing is really just 2D printing over and over … slowly. Joseph DeSimone went into detail about this during his talk at the TED2015 convention. DeSimone claims that his 3D printing technique (inspired by Terminator 2) is 25 to 100 times faster than the usual 3D printing speed. He claims it could even be 1000x faster. Additionally, the 3D parts created by his technique are strong, smooth, and functional.

Carbon3D (DeSimone’s company) uses a method called continuous liquid interface production or CLIP technology to produce small smooth objects. By using the CLIP method, the objects can be made in one piece as opposed to the many layers. These objects can be used to overcome some of the current hurdles in 3-D printing which is why DiSimone started the company in the first place. His expertise in the field based on years of lab experience is how they’re planning on advancing the field of 3-D printing even further until the movie scene can be a complete reality.

 Until this printing technique is functionally available to the masses, however, stop by Motion Media’s Seattle workshop space to mess around with our Cel Robox 3D printer model. So far, we’ve printed skulls, necklaces, guitar capos, and even a bottle opener! Motion Media’s Zac Cain made the following comment about Carbon3D

If all the things this company is saying turns out to be true, then 3D printing is going to make a HUGE stride. like, we’ve been basically making hand copies of 3D models, and this is the printing press.

Check out a live demonstration of DeSimone’s 3D printing technique below!

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