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Apr 25, 2014 MODO 801 is Here!

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MODO 801 is Here!

MODO 801 is Out Now!
Get MODO 801 with these available Promotions!

MODO 801 Individual License Upgrade – Regular Price $495, Buy Now For $395
MODO 801 Floating License Upgrade – Regular Price $695, Buy Now For $595
MODO 801 + MeshFusion Bundle – Individual License – Regular Price $1890, Buy Now For $1516.25

You may also Contact the Motion Media Sales Team at (310) 450-4000, for other MODO 801 purchase options.

MODO brings you the next generation of 3D modeling, animation, sculpting, effects and rendering in a powerful integrated package. An end-to-end solution delivering raw horsepower, refined technology and robust workflows, MODO is the creative option of choice for artists and designers around the world – from home-based hobbyists to Hollywood studios.

MODO 801 Feature List

  • Nodal Shading
    Enhancing the existing material process, the new nodal shading view let’s artists of every level create more complex shaders and materials. Artists can now more easily visualize complex material setups quickly and alter values of textures and shaders on a per-sample basis with the new Shader Inputs or Procedural Output channels for color, value and alpha. Users of other 3D packages might also find this to be a more familiar working environment now.
  • Enhanced snapping
    Create complex sets of snapping conditions with the addition of new snapping presets, enhanced snapping options and intelligent snapping controls. This re-invented toolset adds precision and intelligence to the modeling process and features an almost unlimited number of combinations that automatically react to the context in which you are working.
  • Animation Improvements
    New keyframing features include Time Markers, Onion Skinning, Spacing Charts, and In-between Tools. These additions to the animation workflow will resonate with traditional animators and make MODO even more approachable to those learning. Animators can now also load standard motion capture formats or transfer existing MODO character animation more easily with the easy to use retargeting toolset. All these tools provide the perfect framework to animate believable characters.
  • Rigging and Deformers
    The new Wrap, Lattice and Bezier Deformers extend MODO’s robust Order of Operations (OoO) deformation tools. The Wrap Deformer greatly enhances MODO’s rigging toolsets enabling animation on high-resolution objects such as character meshes. The Bezier Deformer gives amazing control over complex curve-based deformations.
  • Referencing
    Referencing in MODO 801 allows for efficient collaborative workflows and asset reuse that just simply works. Collaborate more efficiently with significantly enhanced referencing workflows that enable overriding referenced scene items and manage complex scene creation with segmented portions that can be executed simultaneously – eliminating the need to maintain and manually update multiple master scenes or setups.
  • New COLLECTIVES Workflows
    MODO 801 features more advanced relighting capabilities in NUKE with the addition of Diffuse Coefficient Outputs. When combined in NUKE raw diffuse color, diffuse amount and energy conservation will equal the diffuse coefficient. MODO 801 also includes a fully integrated color management pipeline, built on the industry standard OpenColorIO library, matching NUKE’s default config – ensuring color consistency across all applications in the COLLECTIVES. The data exchange between MODO and MARI now features UDIM import as well as other improvements for working more efficiently with UDIM tiles.

Apr 15, 2014 Autodesk Maya 2015 Now Available!

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Autodesk Maya 2015 Now Available!
Autodesk has also released Maya 2015!
Customers with subscription can download Maya 2015 from the Autodesk Subscription Center.
This release delivers powerful new toolsets across the board for artists tasked with creating
complex, high-quality assets.

  • The Bifröst Simulation Platform brings new capabilities for simulating and rendering photorealistic liquids.
  • Additionally, the XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator lets you use instanced geometry to create and groom hair and fur, as well as create foliage and vegetation for environments.
  • Geodesic Voxel Binding  for skinning offers an innovative method for binding complex geometry to joint skeletons with ease.
  • Support for Pixar’s OpenSubdiv libraries, enhanced Modeling tools, and new UV options accelerate performance to keep you productive.
  • New support in Viewport 2.0 for major effects, rendering and texturing workflows means you can work in a real-time environment with significant performance gains.
  • Also, use the new ShaderFX editor to create and preview advanced HLSL, GLSL and CgFX shaders in Viewport 2.0.

Apr 15, 2014 Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Available Now!

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Available Now!
Autodesk has now released 3DS Max 2015!
Customers with subscription can download 3ds Max 2015 from the Autodesk Subscription Center.

Feb 18, 2014 Upgrade to The Foundry Creation COLLECTIVE from MODO or MARI

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Upgrade to The Foundry Creation COLLECTIVE from MODO or MARI

The Creation COLLECTIVE offers digital 3D visualization, modeling, animation, painting, playback, and integration in a single license.
Customers on a single license of  MODO or MARI can upgrade to the Creation COLLECTIVE at cost effective price point.

What’s in the Creation COLLECTIVE?

  • MODO – the next generation of 3D content creation
  • MARI – state of the art 3D painting
  • HIEROPLAYER –  Desktop playback, Edit & Review

Creation Collective with maintenance Upgrade from MODO $1240.00

MODO from version 101-701 eligible for upgrade to COLLECTIVE.

Creation Collective with maintenance Upgrade from MARI $1240.00

This price includes 1 year’s Maintenance

  • Free upgrades for 1 year MODO, MARI, HIEROPLAYER
  • 1 year access to customer support by phone/email

Q: What do you get on COLLECTIVES Maintenance?
A: Product updates, maintenance releases and service packs, support, communication and collaboration for the COLLECTIVES as a whole.

Q: Will the Creation COLLECTIVE maintenance plan cover full MODO upgrades?
A: The COLLECTIVE maintenance will cover MODO upgrades for 1 year. If The Foundry releases MODO 801 within the customers maintenance term, customers will receive MODO 801 at no additional cost.

Q: How do customers access the MODO side of this maintenance offering?
A: Customers will have the option to download updates from the Foundry web site and will have access to
downloads for MODO from the product page, with valid maintenance. 

Q: How will the COLLECTIVES be licensed?
A: The COLLECTIVE licensing will use RLM licenses of all products, including MODO, and be combined into a
single license string.  Existing users that already have FLEXlm licenses will be given a second RLM
license.   The new COLLECTIVE license will not automatically replace customers existing license, and a License
Transfer to COLLECTIVE form will be required for all customers upgrading an existing license of MODO to a


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The Foundry has created two streamlined content creation packages specifically designed to give artists and designers exactly what they need, hassle free.
Whether you’re a start-up business, a freelancer or in education, our out of the box solutions provide high-end tools for all sorts of projects.

production collective

Creative toolsets for media production professionals.
Bringing together The Foundry’s top, award winning products, the Production COLLECTIVE provides the essential tools for digital 3D modeling, animation, paint, effects, playback, editorial and shot management, all in a single license.

What’s in the Production COLLECTIVE?

  • MODO – the next generation of 3D content creation
  • MARI – state of the art 3D painting
  • NUKEX – advancing the art of digital compositing
  • HIERO – conform, edit and review with collaborative shot management

creation collective

A collection of products for creative professionals

Ideal for designers and animators alike, the Creation COLLECTIVE brings together the essential tools for digital 3D visualization, modeling, animation, painting, playback and integration, all in a single license.

This COLLECTIVE includes:

  • MODO – the next generation of 3D content creation
  • MARI – state of the art 3D painting
  • HIEROPLAYER – desktop playback, Edit & Review

Feb 4, 2014 Chaos Group Ships V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

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Chaos Group Ships V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

Chaos Group V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max has been released.
This release marks the next step in V-Ray’s overall development, introducing widely acclaimed new features and improvements.
V-Ray 3.0 is the most complete lighting, shading and rendering toolkit, delivering a powerful new set of features focused on artist productivity and modern CG workflows.

V-Ray 3.0 offers a number of additional workflow shortcuts, technical advances and support for open sources technologies. These include:

  • Render Mask – Users can define render regions using an object selection or image mask
  • Reflection/ Refraction Trace Sets – Provides more direct control in choosing whether reflections and refractions are visible in objects
  • Max Ray Intensity – Will easily fix artifacts from over-bright sources
  • Probabilistic Lights – Increases the speed of scenes with a high number of lights
  • V-Ray RT GPU – Improved with support for Render Elements
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer – Improved with added color correction controls
  • Open Source Technologies
    o Alembic integration with support for hair and particles
    o Deep Data output support including OpenEXR 2.0
    o Ptex object-space vector displacement support
    o Open Shading Language (OSL) support for programmable shaders
    o OpenColorIO support for advanced color management

For the complete list of new features, please visit V-Ray.com, the new home for the V-Ray community.

Aug 12, 2013 Upcoming Maya, 3ds Max and Mudbox 2014 Extensions

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Upcoming Maya, 3ds Max and Mudbox 2014 Extensions

For Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® Mudbox® 2014 software customers with current Autodesk® Subscription, the latest extensions for Maya, 3ds Max and Mudbox will soon be available.
Take advantage of Autodesk Subscription to get your hands on the new animation capabilities and gain access to technology used by industry leading studios.

For more information on the Maya 2014 Extension please click here:

For more information on the 3ds Max 2014 Extension please click here:

For more information on the Mudbox 2014 Extension please click here:

Jul 22, 2013 Autodesk Softimage 2014 Service Pack 2

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Autodesk Softimage 2014 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 for Softimage 2014 is available.

Download the update from the Autodesk Softimage 2014 support section here.
Softimage 2014 SP2 is a full product installation and can co-exist with an earlier version of Softimage. An earlier version of Softimage is not required to be uninstalled first.
*Note: You may need to recompile your plugins, if they were compiled using Softimage versions prior to 2014 SP2.

Softimage 2014 Service Pack 2 Readme.

Jul 12, 2013 SIGGRAPH 2013 Parties and Special Events

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SIGGRAPH 2013 Parties and Special Events

SIGGRAPH 2013 is almost here and so are the special industry parties and events.

Below is the list of happenings.

The Foundry Meet-Up @ SIGGRAPH 2013
Date: Monday, 22 July
Time: 7pm till end
Where: Rose Terrace at The House of Blues, Anaheim, 1530 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
Register Now

Autodesk User Group in Anaheim, CA
Date: Tuesday, 23 July
Time: Registration: 6pm – 7pm
Where: City National Grove of Anaheim 2200 East Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92806 USA
Register Now

Chaos Group to Preview V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max at SIGGRAPH 2013
Date: Wednesday, 24 July
Time: 11.30 – 12. 00 pm & 3.30 – 4.00 pm
Where: SIGGRAPH show floor – BOOTH 110

Luxology MODO User Group @ SIGGRAPH 2013
Date: Wednesday, 24 July
Time: 6.45pm – 9.00pm
Where: Doubletree Suites by The Hilton, Tuscany Ballroom DE, 2085 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802
Register Now

Next Limit SIGGRAPH 2013 Party
Date: Wednesday, 24 July
Time: 6.30 – 9.00 p.m.
Where: Bar Louie, 321 W Katella Ave Suite #212, Anaheim, CA 92802
Register Now: RSVP Required contact Motion Media

NVIDIA LIMELIGHT – Maxon, Cebas and more..
Date: Wednesday, 24 July
Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm
Where: Anaheim Marriott, Platinum 5 Ballroom
Register Now: Usually at Event

Chaos Group V-Ray User Event, Los Angeles
Date: Friday, 26 July
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Registration, 7:00 – 9:00 pm – Presentations
Where: The Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles, CA
Register Now

Jul 1, 2013 Autodesk 3DS Max 2014 Service Pack 1

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Autodesk 3DS Max 2014 Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for 3DS Max 2014  and 3dsmax Design 2014 is now available.

Download the update from the Autodesk 3DS Max 2014 support section here and for 3DS Max Design here.

Users must have Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 / Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2014 installed prior to installing this Service Pack.

3DS Max 2014 SP 1 Readme.

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Made With Marmalade – No Need for Native App Development
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Motion Media is now the only reseller in the United States for native app development software Marmalade. The Marmalade SDK enables developers to deploy code across multiple platforms and devices from a single code base in C++, Lua, HTML or Objective-C.

Last Chance to Upgrade your Autodesk Software!
Jan 19, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

As of 1st February 2015 upgrade purchase options for all Autodesk non-current versions will come to an end. Customers would have to purchase a full perpetual license.

Qube! Brings Performance to Arch-Viz
Nov 21, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

As computer graphics have grown in prominence, rendering has become a double-edged sword for architectural designers. For firms like John McAslan + Partners conquering the time-intensive side of the process has lead them to solutions like PipelineFX’s Qube!, a professional render farm manager that has brought efficiency and speed back to their real desire: captivating visuals that will win them business.

Autodesk Retiring Subscription Center
Nov 17, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

On March 13, 2015, Autodesk will be retiring Subscription Center and directing you to the newly enhanced Autodesk Account, a personalized and easy-to-use portal.

The Foundry Acquires Mischief
Nov 13, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

The Foundry have acquired Made with Mischief, a company founded by Sarah Frisken.


Motion Media Does Art Walk
Apr 6, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

Last Thursday the Seattle Motion Media Project space launched at the Seattle Pioneer Square Art Walk with a soft opening. The Motion Media Project space featured the work of visual artist, Robbie Schroeder.

Webinar: Network Attached Storage for Creative Workflows
Apr 1, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

We want to teach you about Seagate NAS Solutions! Join Motion Media and Seagate to learn about how Seagate NAS solutions are ideal for all creative environments from Game Development, VFX and Animation to Post Production.

Motion Media Presents Robbie Schroeder!
Mar 23, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

On April 2nd, Motion Media Project presents the work of Seattle artist, Robbie Schroeder. Join us at our Seattle, Pioneer Square gallery space for the April 2nd Pioneer Square Art Walk.

Motion Media’s Top 8 GDC Picks
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Motion Media attended the GDC 2015 last week. We went, we saw, we conquered. Now we are catching up on our sleep. Check out out top 8 picks for the most exciting attractions featured at the convention hall.

Join the Motion Media Madness Bracket Challenge!
Mar 12, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

Register for the Motion Media Madness Bracket Challenge and you would win a Robox 3D Printer or other great prizes. Challenge the Motion Media team along with your peers to see who is the best at guessing who’s going to win!


Aja Ki Pro Rack Firmware Update
Feb 26, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

Ki Pro Rack v5.0 firmware is now available. Along with several improvements and fixes, this update adds the much-anticipated rollover recording functionality. Rollover recording allows a recording to start on one media module and seamlessly continue onto the second module once the first has reached capacity.

Zbrush 4R7 Released
Jan 30, 2015 | Comments | Read more →

ZBrush 4R7 is the final iteration within the ZBrush 4 series before we move to ZBrush 5.0. As with our previous point releases, it doesn’t simply make a few minor changes but rather is packed with major additions. In fact, Zbrush 4R7 is one of the most extensive releases since ZBrush 4 came out.

Maxwell Render V3.1 Early Build Available Free
Dec 10, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

The Maxwell Render V3.1 early build is now available now for testing! Full release will be within the next few weeks. This update is free for V3 customers.

V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Service Pack 1 Now Available
Dec 10, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

A free update to V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Service Pack 1 is now available for download. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to 3.0.

3DxWare 10 from 3DConnexion
Nov 17, 2014 | Comments | Read more →

Designed from scratch, 3DxWare 10 isn’t just a new driver, it’s a whole new experience. Customize and optimize your 3Dconnexion 3D mouse for peak performance. Easily tailor settings and buttons to your application and needs. Take advantage of exciting new features. Design, create and navigate in brave new ways.

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