Makerbot Kit Plugin for Modo

Ever wanted to hold your MODO model in your hand? With a little help from The Foundry and MakerBot, you can do just that!

MakerBot Kit is a free plug-in for MODO 801 that makes 3D printing fun and easy. With MakerBot Kit installed, you can explore MakerBot’s Thingiverse community website directly from MODO, so you can store and share your files, get inspiration and free content, and turn your models into amazing real objects with the click of a mouse.

Why get MakerBot Kit for MODO?

  • MakerBot Kit offers an optimized experience for using MODO together with the MakerBot Thingiverse, so you can easily share content with other designers on the world’s largest 3D printing community.
  • MODO is the ideal content creation tool for creating 3D printable objects with the MakerBot Kit installed, you get a streamlined workflow from creation to printing.
  • With the optional MeshFusion plug-in for MODO, you can easily combine and subtract model parts and make watertight meshes suitable for 3D printing from the MakerBot Thingiverse.

MakerBot Kit for MODO features

  • Load and save .thing files natively from MODO.
  • Update and delete objects on Thingiverse and on your own personal MakerBot Cloud Library from within MODO.
  • Generate photorealistic renders of objects and upload the cover image for that item to Thingiverse and/or the MakerBot Cloud Library from inside MODO.
  • Upoad and store MODO files (.lxo) on Thingiverse and/or their MakerBot Cloud Library for improved editing and easy sharing with other MakerBot users.

Download the MakerBot Kit for Modo Now

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