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  1. Max always had an advantage over any other 3d program because of the many amazing plugins and slowly those plugins have started to be included into Autodesk Maya. I think it started with Shave and Haircut ( in Max it’s Hair and Fur developped by the same person, Joe Altair) then Vray and now Krakatoa and heard they were also working of FumeFx for Maya. The reason these plugins beat everything that Autodesk can make is because they are made by studios who specialize in certain areas like rendering, fur and so on. If maya get Krakatoa i think this is the last piece that maya always fell short of and that is the ability to render huge amounts of particle with the quality and speed that only Krakatoa can do. It’s funny that Maya is mostly used for Film and Max is mostly used for Games and they get these plugins for Max that are used for movies.

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