Learn to Destroy Buildings with Pulldownit for Maya

Ever wanted to destroy a building? Well make your dreams come true with Pulldownit 2.5 for Maya. Pulldownit is a dynamics solver which allows for the creation of fractures as well as massive rigid bodies simulation. By using its technology, digital artists are able to simulate the collapse of buildings quickly and easily, cracking surfaces and/or fracturing any kind of brittle material. I highly suggest adding it to your arsenal of Maya weapons.

HDR Light Studio adds Live Connection for 3ds Max and Vray

The new HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for Autodesk 3ds Max with Chaos Group V-Ray launches today. Artists can now light their scenes with real-time feedback using V-Ray RT as the ActiveShade renderer and HDR Light Studio’s innovative interactive HDR canvas. Sophisticated lighting environments can be created in moments to perfectly light and reflect in your shot. It’s an amazing new approach to light V-Ray scenes, seeing the lighting interact with your materials in your final shot.