Autodesk 3ds Max 2015

3ds Max 2015 is the perfect tool to get stuff done, and enjoy the process! 3ds Max 2015 delivers greater performance, better workflows, new modeling capabilities and a WYSIWYG experience. The new version makes it easier to tackle demanding entertainment projects and deadlines.

Quad Chamfer

You asked for it, we listened. Quad Chamfer, one of the top requested features on 3ds Max User Voice, is now in 3ds Max 2015. No need to create chamfered or beveled edges between two surfaces manually. The new Quad Chamfer creates edges consisting of quads, rather than triangles, which helps eliminate pinching, and produces better results when used in conjunction with the TurboSmooth modifier.

Better Scene Management

Dealing with complex scenes is now easier, thanks to new nested layer functionality within Scene Explorers that helps you better organize your data. Scene Explorers now also provides support for docking and Workspaces, and customizable quad menus, so that you can be more productive.

Max 2015 Tune Ups

With the understanding that small things can make a big difference, 3ds Max 2015 addresses many workflow obstacles identified as high priority by customers. Among these are the ability to preserve UVs for Inset Polygons; the ability to slide partials loops in Swift Loops; and adaptive viewport navigation for smarter zooming, panning, and orbiting.


No need to spend hours writing HLSL code by hand – you can now use ShaderFX – an intuitive visual node-based editing tool that features an intuitive click-drag workflow to connect different nodes and create Shader networks. You can then visualize the resulting materials, even those with animated values, in real time in the 3ds Max viewport.

Placement Tools

It’s a magnetic attraction! New Placement tools feature intuitive auto-parenting and aligning behaviors that make it simpler to position and orient content relative to other content within your scenes. Move objects along surfaces of other meshes as though magnetically attracted and quickly rotate to the desired orientation as part of the same operation.

Python Scripting

Make 3ds Max your own with new capabilities to help extend and customize 3ds Max 2015, using Python scripting. Also, it’s now easier to integrate 3ds Max into a Python-based pipeline.

Tools for Ninjas

Whether you work in VFX, motion graphics, games or design animation, 3ds Max 2015 helps you get stuff done faster! From accelerated viewport performance and better ActiveShade rendering to smoother workflows, it’s all about performance. With Point Cloud Support, Stereo Camera and more control in Populate, you have the tools that ninjas need for the real world!

Populate Enhancements

Crowd Control! Populate now allows you to give your characters more convincing walking, jogging, passing, turning, and seated behaviors, making your crowds appea4r more realistic, and easier to control. Populate is now customizable with exposure of the functionality in the 3ds Max SDK.

Accelerated Viewport Performance

It’s all about performance! Navigation, selection and viewport texture baking have been accelerated in the 3ds Max viewport, making it easier for you to interact with your scenes and objects, especially those with dense meshes and many texture maps.

Stereo Camera

Create engaging entertainment content and immersive design visualizations. Create stereo camera rigs with the Stereo Camera plugin that you can download exclusively from the Autodesk Exchange application store. If you have a recent AMD FirePro™ graphics card and a supported HD3D Active Stereo monitor or equivalent, you can extend the capability of the Stereo camera rig with Active Stereo viewing.

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