Atomos IBC Updates – New Color Calibration & Audio Levels

This just in from Atomos at IBC in Amsterdam: All new Atomos Spyder Color Calibration – get precise SMPTE REC 705 color right on your Atomos device – and all new Audio Level Meters, which is a free addition to your Samurai Blade, Ninja 2 or Ronin device.

Read the announcement below:

IBC Announcements

We have identified 2 major issues that we needed to address, Color accuracy while monitoring so you can trust your colours in recording and improved more accurate audio level meters. As usual all exiting Ninja 2, Samurai, Ronin and Samurai Blade customers will receive these updates in time. The initial release will be for Samurai Blade only with the other products to follow in the coming months.

1. Atomos Spyder Calibration – $199 USD, Shipping November for Samurai Blade and shortly after for the other recorders.

We have teamed up with Datacolor a leader in calibration equipment and produced a simple one touch calibration application that runs on Mac and PC and allows the user to instantly calibrate to SMPTE REC 709 with 6500K white balance. You connect the Spyder to the screen of the product and to the computer via USB, then connect a USB to serial cable to the LANC port of the Samurai Blade and press the one button to calibrate on the custom Atomos software. In a few minutes your screen is 100% calibrated and can be trusted for color! This is a major workflow and time saver because if you know your colors are accurate and you use the Waveform and monitoring tools provided in the Blade you will know 100% all scenes and shots are normalised and accurate in color. This will remove the need for heavy color grading in post and unlock the creative potential of video professionals by eliminating unnecessary time in color manipulation.

2. Audio Level Meters added to AtomOS for FREE! Samurai Blade AtomOS 5.03 Out Now Ninja 2, Samurai and Ronin will receive the same meters in the next few weeks.atomosbrandmark

We have created what we believe to be the most precise and smooth audio level meters in the industry, up their with the established high end audio players.
Samurai Blade AtomOS 5.03 receives 14 channels of precision audio level meter monitoring, you can adjust to see the 2 channels being monitored over headphones or all channels at once.

This was the final big feature requested form our customers and I am happy to say we have delivered some exception audio tools for our customers.

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