BLOG – 4/12/12

What makes the Wacom Cintiq 21Ux such a good graphics tablet?

Getting the most detail, precision and realistic shading into an animation is all about using the right tools, and for those who work on computer to create their drawings need a good graphics tablet to do so. The most important element to any artist is pressure sensitivity, as this will determine how accurately the tablet behaves like paper. Most serious artists invest in the Wacom Cintiq 21Ux to make sure they are getting the best for their money.

Why the Wacom Cintiq 21Ux is so highly recommended

The Wacom Cintiq 21Ux comes so highly recommended because it allows for more precision, extreme detail and is much faster for color rendering. Many artists have seen their work improve dramatically with this piece of equipment, and there are many people who would not buy anything other than a Cintiq. For those who are serious about their art, it is the best gift someone can give themselves.


BLOG – 4/13/12

What makes Nukex so highly recommended

Those who are serious about their digital compositing need software that will make the job easier. Many professionals trust Nukex, which is one of the market leaders in digital editing, as it offers speed like no other software. This is something that can mean the difference between delivering a world-class production to excellent reviews and missing the deadline. Those in the industry of making animations, videos and other digital media need software that will work in their favor.

Where to buy Nukex

This kind of industry leading software comes with a price to match, so it is worth buying Nukex from a reputable reseller who can provide all the customer care and support that will make the purchase as easy as possible. It is important to busy artists and designers to know that the item will be delivered on time and as described.


BLOG – 4/16/12

What is Autodesk Smoke?

Those in the editing world need to find the right product for their way of working to maximize the results they will get from it. One of the products on the market is Autodesk Smoke, which is a professional video editing system for those who are looking to streamline their workflow in the television, movie or animation industry. With new tools being added with each upgrade, it is the type of software that sits at the forefront of project editing.

Switching to Autodesk Smoke

Those who already use Autodesk Smoke know of the capabilities it has, but there are many who have considered the switch from their current software and need unbiased information on whether it is right for them. This kind of software is an investment that needs to be considered carefully, so those who are considering a change should speak to their chosen retailer to find out the benefits of using this editing tool.


BLOG – 4/17/12

V-Ray for 3Ds Max can help artists reach their goal

Those looking for speed in their rendering cannot ignore the power of V-Ray for 3Ds Max. Not only does this software offer exceptional imagery and precision, it also puts the power and control in the user’s hands. One of the most popular features of the software is the speed it can handle requests at, as this makes the rendering of even the most complex scenarios easy.

How to get V-Ray for 3Ds Max

Finding the V-Ray for 3Ds Max software at a good price requires a little online research. There are many places that offer competitive prices for the license, but this needs to be weighed up with the level of customer care and information that will be given when purchasing the software. The seller also needs to be reputable and licensed to officially sell the software. It is always worth checking this before making a purchase.


BLOG – 4/18/12

Using Autodesk Maya 2013 in game editing

One of the main tasks in game development is getting it to look and perform perfectly so that it doesn’t interrupt the gameplay. 3D development requires powerful rendering software, and Autodesk Maya 2013 has all the right tools to make it happen. It is the system of choice for those who require full control over their end product while still benefitting from intuitive tools to make processes much easier. Those who use Maya to build their games are never left disappointed.

Autodesk Maya 2013 can help the film industry too

When special effects need to be professionally finished, Autodesk Maya 2013 is the tool for the job. Many filmmakers have used the software over the years, and their use and feedback of the system has helped to shape it to fit exactly around the needs of those in the film, game and visual design industries. All that is required is an idea, Maya can do the rest.


BLOG – 4/19/12

Using Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 with other software

Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 is a powerful tool that can help render and bring to life animations and special effects. This program is designed to make editing easier than ever before while still putting full control in the operator’s hands. Getting a program like this is a big investment, as it can take a project to a totally new level. Many people choose it because it also has capabilities to work with Adobe products, meaning that work can be fully integrated with existing software.

Choosing the right Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 supplier

Knowing where to buy Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 from is an important part of getting up and running with the software. This is because getting a valid, licensed product is important in receiving future updates and installing other add-on software. Choosing the right retailer is as crucial as getting the right software package for the job.


BLOG – 4/20/12

Use Autodesk Smoke and avoid costly mistakes

One issue that commonly occurs in digital editing is when the choice in software slows down and even interrupts the creative process. Unlike traditional paint and pencil artists, digital artists have to rely on the speed of their software to get them to where they need to be. This can be a problem for those who have invested in sub-par software, but not for those that use Autodesk Smoke.

Using Autodesk Smoke to keep up with a good quality of design

One of the benefits of Autodesk Smoke is that it is one of the fastest packages around. With many of the top design studios prioritizing finding the best designers, it is imperative that they use software that can keep up and allow them to fully realize their creative potential. This is why many of the main studios use Autodesk packages on their biggest budget productions.


BLOG – 4/23/12

Those serious about their VFX work use The Foundry Nuke

Having a desktop setup that allows a graphic artist to work at his own speed requires plenty of investment and also knowledge of the software to buy that will be able to keep up. The Foundry Nuke is the industry standard for this reason, as it is fast and flexible, and has frequent updates to the software that allow for easier and more intuitive integration with other design software.

Integrate departments using The Foundry Nuke

One of the main problems that many VFX designers encounter is working seamlessly with other departments to get to the desired outcome quickly and without too much hassle. The Foundry Nuke has many tools that allow for all of these departments to work on the same files without having to take time to convert them, or find additional software that will integrate these channels with each other. The Nuke software has been specially designed to take care of this in one easy package.


BLOG – 4/24/12

The uses for Autodesk Smoke

When editing videos to a high quality, the footage shot needs to be of a good quality too. However, there are times when the color or contrast of a video may need further work, which is why many professionals using a Mac trust Autodesk Smoke for their editing software. This program not only adjusts and improves on the quality of the original video, it can even add in extra features and effects that will blow other editing programs out of the water.

Using Autodesk Smoke in business

There are many different uses for Autodesk Smoke. It is commonly used in home editing suites for those who work part time or on personal projects. It also has the capabilities to be used for bigger budget promotions, and has successfully integrated itself in the list of preferred tools for many TV commercial editing suites. It is capable of many editing feats.


BLOG – 4/25/12

The tools that Autodesk Maya 2013 has

Those who need a powerful and fast tool to manage their complex parallel workflows would benefit from using Autodesk Maya 2013. The 3D animation tool allows visual artists to model and render their animations in the most speed efficient manner without sacrificing quality. Tools that help improve the appearance of characters, as well as helping with complex textures such as hair and skin are all part of the package in this best-selling system.

Purchasing Autodesk Maya 2013 licenses

Buying something like Autodesk Maya 2013 is a decision that takes time, and is often hampered by questions that are hard to answer through internet research alone. Those who want to know more about the software, or just want first-hand experience at the way certain tools work should talk to suppliers of the software who can offer answers to even the most intricate of enquiries. It is also a good idea to do this for those who are buying the product in bulk, or for an educational institute, as there may be additional savings to be had.


BLOG – 4/26/12

The strength that lies behind V-Ray For Maya

Creating a masterpiece normally requires tools of the same quality. Many movies and TV commercials make use of the V-Ray For Maya software due to the speed of the rendering, the quality of the onboard tools and the scope for what it can create, and how quickly it can do this. This is important for artists, as many of them find that their biggest hindrance with other programs is the speed at which their software processes their work.

The kinds of tools that are available with V-Ray For Maya

Those who use the software can benefit from unprecedented speed and precision, even when working on bigger scenes and more complex projects. This is often a risk with some other software, but V-Ray For Maya allows users to work on several elements at once without worrying that there will be a problem rendering it.


BLOG – 4/27/12

Special effects with The Foundry Nuke software

Special effects are growing more advanced all the time, and many films and games now feature top of the range editing which looks hard to achieve. The truth is, with The Foundry Nuke software, designers can make their effects visually stunning and perfectly integrated with their work each time. One of the benefits of the software is the speed at which it performs, meaning that those working with it do not have to wait for actions to complete.

Using The Foundry Nuke software for TV

The Foundry Nuke software is also used for many advertising videos. Getting a TV commercial to appear realistic and memorable is the best way to sell the product to the consumer, and using Nuke is the best way to make this happen. Getting the visual images to match up to the sound is made easy with special customizable plugins such as Ocula.


BLOG – 4/30/12

How Luxology Modo can give a designer the edge

When creating a 3D model, Luxology Modo gives many artists the edge in their work. This is because it provides excellent tools that are designed from the feedback and input of many of the best designers. Picking tools for rendering isn’t always easy and there is a big price tag involved which can make mistakes in this process very costly, so it is important to know that other big-name 3D artists have achieved great things with the platform.

Why choose Luxology Modo

Getting the right level of realism into the work is what will set the piece apart from others. In today’s animation industry, realistic textures and movement are at a level where anything less than the best in rendering software will not be able to make the cut. This is a good reason to choose Luxology Modo, as it has proved itself as a market leader.


BLOG  –  5/1/12

V-Ray for 3DS Max can help with textures

When creating an animation or doing VFX work for a top company, it is important to have the best possible tools for the job. Texturing is one of the most important parts of animating, as it is this attention to detail that will lure the viewer into this alternate reality. Any flaws in the textures at this point will snap them back out of it and ruin the illusion. This is why many people choose to use V-Ray for 3DS Max as it has built-in texturing tools that can achieve a near-lifelike level of quality.

The textures that V-Ray for 3DS Max excels in

Textures like fur, water and hair are incredibly difficult to animate without the help of software. This is because there is a whole technical side to the way it will move and react to light, and a fast, reliable rendering system is needed to deliver lifelike quality on these elements. V-Ray for 3DS Max is the perfect tool for working with these textures.


BLOG – 5/2/12

Wacom Cintiq 21UX is the tool of choice for animators

When creating a realistic storyboard or animation on a computer, it is necessary to have the best tools to draw it. Aside from the software needed to work with it, there is also a need to use excellent drawing tablet hardware so that the work starts off at a professional level. The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is a popular choice for many big name animators, as it has extreme precision and sensitivity that will benefit the piece.

Price and the Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Choosing a suitable graphics tablet is all about the budget and level of sensitivity needed. As this responsiveness becomes more finely tuned, the price can increase, leaving the designer having to choose between going over budget and getting something suitable for his line of work. A benefit of the Wacom Cintiq 21UX is that it is developed to provide excellent functionality without costing too much.


BLOG – 5/3/12

What is V-Ray for Maya?

Those involved in the VFX industry will have heard of V-Ray for Maya, and those lucky enough may even have used it. It is rendering software used by some of the top names in the industry to create realistic and stunning animations and special effects for film and TV.

Quick rendering with V-Ray for Maya

One of the comments made by those who regularly use V-Ray for Maya is regarding the speed of the software. It is stated many times how quick this software can be, and many satisfied customers have gone as far to say that they now fully rely on it for all of their VFX and compositing needs. The speed of software is important because it will decide how much time is left on the project to focus on other aspects. Using V-Ray gives many designers the extra advantages in their project.


BLOG – 5/4/12

Work with the best using Nukex

When a designer, animator or compositor wants to create the best, they use the best. Nukex is the award-winning software by The Foundry that allows for superb animation and compositing with response times that will only benefit the pipeline further. For those working in this industry, this is one of the top tools for making a stunning and realistic piece of work, and is always worth investing in.

What the movie industry has to say about Nukex

Buying a license for Nukex is a big purchase, not just because of the investment needed. Despite this, those who decide to make the purchase do not look back on the decision, gaining useful tools that can take them into a whole new league of designing. With testimonials from artists who have worked films such as Harry Potter and Sony Pictures, it is clear that this is a piece of software that will not disappoint.


BLOG – 5/5/12

3D Artists Should Buy Cinema 4D

3D artists everywhere should buy Cinema 4D for their visual work. There are so many new tools that can help 3D artists. Cinema 4D has an accurate 3D motion blur, as well as a tool where you can imitate a physical camera, changing things such as f-stop and shutter speed to enhance the image. There are new tools for animation, such as the Character object, CMotion, and MSkin Deformer, which helps to make the movement of muscles more realistic. It is easier to import and export objects now, as well as easier to add sound.

Buy Cinema 4D – Four Versions Available

There are four different versions: Cinema 4D Studio, Broadcast, Visualize and Prime. Each is different depending on the needs of the artist. With all of the new tools added, 3D artists should buy Cinema 4D so they can create amazing graphics quickly and easily.

Contact Us To Buy Cinema 4D

Motion Media is a software reseller offering great software at a lower price, and financing options if needed. We can help you decide which software is right for your needs when you contact us at 310-450-4000.


BLOG – 5/6/12

Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 – A Must-Have For Designers

Game designers, visual effects artists and graphic designers will find that Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 is a must-have product to make their work visually stunning, with less time and work. Because there is so much information on the program, including video tutorials, books, and online forums, you can find the resources you need to learn the software easily.

New Tools With Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013

Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013 has new tools for lighting, shading, and rendering, making your visuals look realistic. It has new features to help simulate more real-life body movements, as well as tools to help you manage and create large, complex scenes.

Motion Media Sells Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013

Motion Media is a reseller of creative software, providing great software at great prices. We can get you the software that you need, and find you financing if necessary. We also pride ourselves in our wonderful customer service, helping our customers find the tools that they need to get their work done. Contact us today for your software needs.


BLOG – 5/7/12

Autodesk Maya 2013 At A Great Price

It can be very difficult and expensive to find the tools needed to help with computer generated graphics.  Not to mention that many programs can be difficult to learn.  Motion Media can help companies, however, in their creative endeavors by offering software such as Autodesk Maya 2013 at a great price.

Autodesk Maya 2013 New Tools

Autodesk Maya 2013 offers many new tools to help your computer generated graphics look amazing. This type of program was used to create characters such as Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Na’vi from AVATAR.   Because of the training and documentation that comes along with the program, it can be easier to learn than other programs. There are also a large amount of resources online to help people learn the details of the program.

Motion Media Can Finance Autodesk Maya 2013

For creative software, Motion Media is the company to work with. We resell software and can provide great customer service, as well as finding financing for the products if needed. Contact us at 310-450-4000 today and we can help you with your creative software needs.


BLOG – 5/8/12

Autodesk Maya 2013: Powerful Animation Software

If you’re developing animation for a video, website, or computer game, Autodesk Maya 2013 is a program that you will come to know and love. It allows you to follow a beginning to end workflow and provides tools for animation, visual effects, and 3D modeling and rendering. The newest version, released in 2012 offered a host of new features such as viewing enhancements, editable motion trails, and new simulation options.

Autodesk Maya 2013 Upgrades Coming Soon

Although no formal announcements have been made, Autodesk Maya 2013 upgrades should be available within the next few months, probably making their debut in April 2012 if they keep to the marketing schedule they have been using. Autodesk, a notoriously tight-lipped company has not officially released any details about how the already formidable program will be improved, but the Internet is buzzing with rumors. If you’re thinking about buying or renting Maya, it’s probably worth waiting a few months to see what the new and improved version will offer.


BLOG – 5/9/12

Autodesk Maya 2013: Powerful Animation Software

If you’re developing animation for a video, website, or computer game, Autodesk Maya 2013 is a program that you will come to know and love. It allows you to follow a beginning to end workflow and provides tools for animation, visual effects, and 3D modeling and rendering. The newest version, released in 2012 offered a host of new features such as viewing enhancements, editable motion trails, and new simulation options.

Autodesk Maya 2013 Upgrades Coming Soon

Although no formal announcements have been made, Autodesk Maya 2013 upgrades should be available within the next few months, probably making their debut in April 2012 if they keep to the marketing schedule they have been using. Autodesk, a notoriously tight-lipped company has not officially released any details about how the already formidable program will be improved, but the Internet is buzzing with rumors. If you’re thinking about buying or renting Maya, it’s probably worth waiting a few months to see what the new and improved version will offer.


BLOG – 5/10/12

Autodesk Smoke: Professional Editorial Finishing on the Mac

If you work on a Mac, you probably know how hard it can be to find the software you need for editing and finishing films, television commercials, and any other video projects you may be developing. Autodesk Smoke, however, is made especially for the Mac. Intuitive and easy to use, much like the Mac itself, this program allows you to edit, add special effects, and clean up any rough areas.

Features of Autodesk Smoke

Mac software has gained the unfortunate reputation of “not playing well with others.” Autodesk Smoke, however, is compatible with Final Cut Pro 7, Media Composer, and Premiere Pro software. Other features include built in compositing that allows you to match colors between shots and extensive 3D compositing tools. Motion Media is a reseller which offers a plethora of editing and finishing programs so your final result looks amazing. Contact us to learn how to get Autodesk Smoke for your Mac. You won’t be disappointed.


BLOG – 5/11/12

Buy Cinema 4D with Financing from Motion Media

The Maxon Cinema 4D Studio Release 13 uses a physical camera and renderer to help your film achieve a realistic look. The list price to buy Cinema 4D is $3695—a little steep for many individuals and companies. Here at Motion Media, we can offer the technology for $3510.25, but even this discount may not suit your budget needs. Therefore, we offer a program that will allow you to finance up to 100% of the purchase cost. Imagine owning the Maxon Cinema 4D for a low monthly payment!

5 Reasons to Buy Cinema 4D

Maxon Cinema 4D offers dozens of useful features. Here are five that users rave about. 1) The physical render engine which makes images seem more lifelike than ever. 2) Stereoscopy which allows you to create 3D effects that will wow any audience. 3) New character tools including walk cycles with c-motion, character components, and colored animation paths. 4) Optimized modeling workflow. 5) New import and export features and greater compatibility with other applications. These are all great reasons to buy Cinema 4D, and with our financing program, the cost of the application should not stand in your way.


BLOG – 5/14/12

Characteristics of Vray for Maya

The Vray for Maya is used both to create realistic-looking special effects and to polish your film in the editing and post-production process. Especially popular features of this program include CarPaint Material, a light select render element, a sun and sky procedural lighting system to keep colors consistent, and a physical cameral for matching live footage and blending additional elements in seamlessly.

Get Vray for Maya at Great Prices through Motion Media

Vray for Maya, which has been awarded five stars by reviewers, can take a bite out of your wallet. Motion Media usually sells this tour for $1350.00, plus $35.00 if you need a USB Dongle. For a short time, however, we are offering a sales price of $1275.00. The program is available for download within 24 hours after you place your order. Vray is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Visa, Linux, and Mac OS X. If you need assistance getting your program up and running, we offer both a PDF guide and phone support.


BLOG – 5/15/12

Create Realistic Digital Illustrations with the Wacom Cintiq 21UX

The Wacom Cintiq 21UX helps you create detailed and realistic-looking digital illustrations. It is a pressure sensitive digital display that allows an artist to use a grip pen and a screen that measures more than 2000 levels of pressure to create his or her masterpieces. Best of all, it is not hard to figure out how to use this product. People who have tried it say that it is easy to learn and that the instructions are largely based on intuition. And good news if you’re a Mac user—this display is compatible with both the Mac and the PC.

Wacom Cintiq 21UX in High Demand

The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is in high demand among artists. Some manufacturers and retailers have a hard time keeping it on the shelves. When you purchase from Motion Media, however, you don’t have to worry. We offer an in-stock guarantee, and if you order from us before 4:00 PM PST, the product ships the same day. Here at Motion Media, we always have your back when it comes to new technology.


BLOG – 5/16/12

Do You Need a NukeX Upgrade?

NukeX is the long awaited upgrade for the popular Foundry Nuke 6.3. If you buy it from the manufacturer, you’ll pay close to $3000 for it. If, however, you buy from Motion Media, a respected reseller of graphic and editing platforms, we can quote you a much lower price. Better yet, we can even work with you to make affordable payment arrangements.

What’s So Great about the NukeX?

Some upgrades hardly seem worth the trouble of installing. NukeX is not one of them. When you buy NukeX, you’ll get all of the core features you’ve come to expect from Foundry Nuke 6.3. In addition, you’ll get an integrated 3D camera tracker, a sophisticated depth generator, tools to automatically correct lens distortion, and FURNACECORE, the enhanced core plug-in from Foundry’s toolset. If creating realistic images is important to you, don’t pass up your chance to get a great deal on NukeX.


BLOG – 5/17/12

Do You Need Vray for Maya?

There are so many excellent graphics and editing tools on the market that it can be hard to figure out which one will best suit your individual needs. Here at Motion Media, we’ve been involved in editing and post-production since 1990 and in reselling since 1997. We know what features our products have to offer and how to match clients with the software or tools they need. So, if you aren’t sure whether a program like Vray for Maya is what you need, give us a call at 310-450-4000 and we’ll help you get it figured out. You can even rent many products from us if you’re not quite ready to make a buying decision.

What Does Vray for Maya Offer?

Vray for Maya can be used to create special effects or to clean up your film in the editing/post-production phase. It is best known for its stability, ease of use, and lightning-fast speed. Recent upgrades have also given it the ability to render larger scenes with greater complexity.


BLOG – 5/18/12

Get Financing on the Foundry Nuke from Motion Media

Yes, we know. The Foundry Nuke is, in a single word, awesome. It’s also expensive, though we can give you a quote below the list price of $3800. If you can’t manage such a large upfront expenditure, Motion Media will work with you to help you get financing for as much as 100% of your purchase. If you qualify, you could own the Foundry Nuke for as little as $61 per month. That’s a deal that’s hard to walk away from.

What Is So Special about the Foundry Nuke?

The Foundry Nuke 6.3 and its upgrade, Nukex, can be used for post-production work in film, commercials, and television. Users rave about the audio scratch track, the wide range of user presets, the displacement shader, and the deep compositing capabilities, to name just a few of the most popular features. Intuitive and easy to use, this program should be readily available to anyone who edits and finishes video productions.


BLOG – 5/21/12

Get Great Value with Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 is a weapon that every visual effects artist, game developer, and graphic designer should have in his or her arsenal. It offers 3D modeling with texturing, a fully-integrated character animation toolkit, a choice of integrated renderers so that the author can select his or her favorite, and extensible pipeline support.

Motion Media is the Best Place to Purchase Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

The current version of Autodesk 3ds Max has a retail value of about $3500. Upgrading to Autodesk 3ds Max 2013, which should be available within the next few months, will carry an even higher price tag. One of your best options for getting the software you need at prices you can afford is to buy from a trustworthy reseller like Motion Media. Motion Media has been a reseller of finishing software and hardware for over a decade. We offer customers severable affordable options including sales at reduced prices, rentals, and even payment plans. If you want your finished project to look professional, come to us for help and guidance.


BLOG – 5/22/12

Is the Autodesk Maya 2013 Right for You?

At Motion Media, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Autodesk Maya 2013. Always tight-lipped about their new releases, Autodesk hasn’t given us—or anyone else in the industry—any specific details about the soon-to-be-released product. If you’ve never used a Maya product before, you probably don’t want to rush out and spend more than $3000 on the Maya 2013 as soon as it’s available. Instead, give the 2012 version a try. If you like it, you can always upgrade.

The Benefits of Getting Autodesk Maya 2013 from a Reseller

Motion Media has been in the reselling business since 1997 and we are committed to bringing our customers the best software and products at the best prices. For instance, we offer a free trial of the Maya 2012, so you can get an idea of whether the software is really what you need. When the Autodesk Maya 2013 comes out, you can count on us to offer the best prices as well as financing options. To get started with Motion Media, visit us online or call our sales department at 310-450-4000 x 3.


BLOG – 5/23/12

Luxology Modo is a Must Have for Animated Figures

Luxology Modo is a program that gives you a huge range of animation options to make your production look more realistic. Among its many benefits, you will find a pose tool and a skeleton tool so that you can create proportioned figures that move in a natural manner. The program also features a “deformer” so that you can modify the shape of any of your characters. If you’re venturing into the world of animation, you don’t want to do it without the Luxology Modo.

Where to Find the Best Prices on Luxology Modo

Luxology Modo, which has gotten five-star customer reviews, is not inexpensive. If you buy it new from the manufacturer, you can expect to pay about $1200.00 for it. Buying from a trusted reseller like Motion Media can get the price you will pay down to about $1100. We deliver the product electronically so that you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or waiting for your program to arrive; you can download it within 24 hours after purchase.


BLOG – 5/24/12

Motion Media Offers Great Promo Price on Luxology Modo

Motion Media has been in the post-production and editorial business since 1990. In 1997, due to customer demand, we became a preferred reseller of animation and post-production technologies. We are proud to be able to offer great promotional prices on distinguished software such as the Luxology modo 601 individual license upgrade.

Luxology Modo Offers Amazing Animation

When you purchase Luxology modo, you’ll have every tool you need for character animation at your fingertips. The easy pose tool, the skeleton tool, and the re-topology tool allow you to build correctly proportioned characters that move naturally. You can also use the deformers feature to modify the shape of any items. Best of all, if you buy the upgrade from Motion Media now, you can pay the incredible price of $350, a savings of almost $150 off the usual retail price. Don’t wait—this deal can’t last forever, and if you work with animated figures, you need Luxology modo.


BLOG – 5/25/12

Release of Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Eagerly Anticipated

Autodesk has not yet offered a release date for the Autodesk 3ds Max 2013, and online chat rooms and message boards are full of speculation about when—and if—the software will be released and what new features it might offer. Autodesk typically releases software for the following year each April. They have declined to comment about whether there will be a release this year and any new features that might be included in such a release.

Come to Motion Media for News about the Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Passing along unconfirmed rumors isn’t our thing, but as soon as we hear some real news about Autodesk 3ds Max 2013, you’ll be the first to know. As an Autodesk Authorized Reseller, we will also be able to offer you great prices as well as financing as soon as the product is released. In the meantime we, like you, can only wait and see what April holds…


BLOG – 5/28/12

San Francisco Training on Nuke and NukeX

If you’re still not sure about the Foundry Nuke and how it could benefit you, come to the Motion Media sponsored 3/30/12, A Day with the Nuke. You will learn all about the Nuke and NukeX from renowned trainer Steve Wright. Come to learn about the Nuke’s astounding features and how you can use them to enhance the quality of your feature film. For more information about the seminar or to sign up for the event, visit us online or call us at 310-450-4000.

Is NukeX Worth the Extra Money?

Here at Motion Media where we want to help make your picture the best it can possibly be, we believe that upgrading to NukeX is well worth the money. NukeX gives you all the reliable features you’ve come to expect from Nuke, but it also includes and integrated 3D camera tracker, a depth generator, and FURNACECORE, the main features of the Foundry’s Academy Award furnace technology. This is one upgrade you won’t want to pass up.


BLOG – 5/29/12

The Foundry NUKE – Award Winning Software

Are you looking for awards-winning visual effects software to help you in your creative endeavors? Purchase The Foundry NUKE, used by top game and film companies around the world, helping them make their animation realistic and stunning.  Some of the companies that have used NUKE include DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks. The software has been on used on such movies as Avatar, Tron: Legacy, and Resident Evil: Extinction.

Can Provide Financing For The Foundry NUKE

Here at Motion Media, LLC, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the leading companies in the field of reselling visual software.  We offer products from industry leading companies and can provide them to our customers at a good price, even offering to locate financing if needed.  We have been in the business of reselling software for almost 15 years, and can provide technology help and customer service at an economical price.


BLOG – 5/30/12

Vray for 3ds Max: Great for 3D Productions

If you are using 3D to enhance a feature length film, a video, or a computer game, you’ll be glad to have a copy of Vray for 3ds Max on hand. The program allows you to create images quickly and easily and gives you full control over the 3D production process. This technology allows you to accomplish in minutes what used to take hours of tedious work.

Vray for 3ds Max Upgrades

When you buy from Motion Media, a trusted name in the reselling business, you can get the newest version of Vray for 3ds Max (2.0) at lower price than you would pay the manufacturer. Upgrades that may interest you include the 2.0 VRayCarPaintMtl, VRayLightSelect render element, and VRayMultiSubTex which allows you to assign different textures to items in your production. If you enjoy creating realistic 3D images, this is one weapon you must have in your arsenal.


BLOG – 5/31/12

Vray for 3ds Max is a Must-Have for 3D Productions

If you are an involved with a 3D production, Vray for 3ds Max is the answer to your dreams. This intuitive, easy-to-use program allows you to create any images you need. You can also control color, lighting, and even texture.

Not Sure if the Vray for 3ds Max Is Really What You Need? Call Us Now!

Motion Media offers 3D production services for those times when you need your work to look its very best. We can step in if your artists are ill or on vacation, if you have too much work on your plate, or if you are facing a tight deadline. We also specialize in training new artists to work with Vray for 3ds Max. If your 3D productions aren’t coming out as well as you’d hoped, call Motion Media now to arrange a consultation to determine which of our services would benefit you the most.


BLOG – 6/01/12

Wacom Cintiq 21UX Is one of Our Top Sellers

Right now, Motion Media is offering Wacom Cintiq 21UX at an incredible promotional price of $1999, which is $300 off the list price. But if you want one, order it now. These sophisticated graphics tools fly off she shelves faster than we can order them and there’s no telling how long we’ll be able to keep them in stock.

What Does the Wacom Cintiq 21UX Do?

The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is a full-sized, pressure-sensitive digital display which allows an artist to create highly-detailed, realistic-looking digital illustrations. The device comes with a grip pen featuring three different nibs and with a screen capable of monitoring more than 2000 different levels of pressure. These features allow the artist to render his or her work with incredible subtlety and detail. The display is compatible with both Mac and PC, and users report that the system is intuitive and easy to learn. No wonder these tools disappear so quickly!


BLOG – 6/04/12

What Can the Foundry Nuke Do For Your Project?

The Foundry Nuke is a nodal-compositing application, currently available through reseller Motion Media, that allows users to create high-quality, digital special effects. If you were impressed with some of the animation in recent movies such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or Tron: Legacy, you’ve seen some of what Nuke is capable of.

Is it Time for You to Upgrade the Foundry Nuke?

For all of the positive qualities of the Foundry Nuke, it may be time for it to step down. There’s a new player in town: NukeX, the upgrade. NukeX has all the Nuke tools you’ve come to grow and love as well as an integrated 3D camera tracker, a depth generator, and tools to automatically correct lens distortions. The list price for the Nuke is $3800; the upgrade is $2800. But when you work with trusted resellers like motion media, you can save a lot of money. Why not give us a call at 310-450-4000 for a free quote and information about our financing programs?


BLOG – 6/05/12

Why You Seriously Need to Buy Cinema 4D

The Cinema 4D, freshly improved and enhanced, is a physical camera and renderer with a walkcycle generator and a character auto rigger. It offers increased photo-realism including an accurate motion blur, stereoscopy which allows you to create jaw dropping visuals in 3D, and an enhanced picture viewer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re veteran George Lucas or complete novice George Smith—Cinema 4D offers you all the technology you need to make a memorable picture.

Buy Cinema 4D Ozone Plugin to Improve Your Atmospheres

Are you worried that the skies in your picture look fake? Do the dark clouds that are supposed to be setting the mood look more like something a kindergarten student would make with construction paper? If so, look into getting on Ozone plugin which uses, among other tools, Cinema 4D technology to make your skies look just as realistic as your character shots. You can find Cinema 4D and Ozone for sale at Motion Media.


BLOG – 6/06/12

Better character modeling with Autodesk Maya 2013

Creating believable characters, both in appearance and in personality, are challenges that 3D designers face every day in their jobs. Designing their movements, their skin tones and the texture of their hair and eyes is something that can take a long time without the right software. With Autodesk Maya 2013, designers can use a whole range of state-of-the-art tools to get them to where they need to be in less time, meaning more time can be spent on the other projects that need it.

Autodesk Maya 2013 is the industry standard

With years of experience and feedback from their client base, the software engineers for Autodesk Maya 2013 have laid out one of the most powerful and advanced 3D modeling and rendering tools on the market, and this is shown in the fact that it is now an industry standard for most film animation. Those who use the package in their work cannot fail to notice why this is the case.


BLOG – 6/07/12

Buy Cinema 4D software for great editing

Getting the latest software for games and film editing is a big part of the process. Using outdated or rarely updated software can mean longer rendering times, less effective tools and an overall less satisfying experience with the product. Those who need a product that can make their animation or special effects project appear the best it can be should buy Cinema 4D software to experience everything this state of the art software can offer.

Why buy Cinema 4D

When looking to buy Cinema 4D software, a person should make sure they do this from a reputable reseller. This means making sure they are licensed to sell the product, and offer excellent customer care for answering questions. Having the peace of mind that there is an expert looking out for you throughout the purchase is priceless, and this kind of help can go a long way.


BLOG – 6/08/12

Buying software such as Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013

Anyone serious in the industry of animation will have heard of Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013. Some people will have had the chance to use it, but for others, they can only assume what it is like to use the software. People who work in the animation field need high speed tools for 3D modeling and designing, as well as quick rendering software that will not hinder the workflow of a team, and these are all aspects that are offered by the software. The question is whether it is going to be a good fit on the team’s next project.

Finding a good retailer for Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013

With 3D animation software such as Autodesk 3Ds Max 2013, purchasing a license in full is a big commitment. Those who are thinking of getting the software know of the importance of being satisfied with the decision first. This is why it is worth knowing a decent retailer who can offer discounts, trials and money-back guarantees for those in this transitory stage.


BLOG – 6/11/12

Choosing The Foundry Nuke for demanding VFX work

Those who need an effective solution to their visual FX compositing needs often choose The Foundry Nuke to do so. The package is one of the most successful on the market, known for its ability to render complex scenes with ease, Large-budget movies such as Titanic have benefited from the many tools within this software, and with each release that comes out, more movies, TV shows, commercials and animations pick up on this excellent piece of software. It truly is one of the market leaders in VFX editing software.

The Foundry Nuke in Hollywood

The world of visual effects is a complex one. From the viewer’s perspective, the action in front of their eyes is as real as it comes, but from the effects artist the tools and planning involved are far from straightforward. This highlights the need for software that can take a complex set of plans and models and turn them into a realistic scene in seconds. This is why many Hollywood movies have materialized so successfully from the cutting room floor of The Foundry Nuke.


BLOG – 6/12/12

Faster editing with Autodesk 3DS Max 2013

By using the features in the newly-released Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 software, users can create realistic, inspiring and even award-winning 3D models and animations. This is why the software is one of the most desired on the market, and constantly strives to keep up with an ever-demanding industry. Integration with other leading software packages make this a perfect solution to many of the rendering and compositing problems that designers experience.

Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 has changed with the crowd

The world of visual effects is a complex one. From the viewer’s perspective, the action in front of their eyes is as real as it comes, but from the effects artist the tools and planning involved are far from straightforward. This highlights the need for software that can take a complex set of plans and models and turn them into a realistic scene in seconds. This is why many Hollywood movies have materialized so successfully from the cutting room floor of The Foundry Nuke.


BLOG – 6/13/12

Finding a good place to buy Cinema 4D from

When investing in a high-end piece of software, it can be confusing to know where to buy this from. Unlike a car or a movie, there is no clear answer to where to buy Cinema 4D from. Investing money wisely and getting a product that can be trusted from a good retailer takes a little research, but it can be done. The main thing to remember is that there are some very reputable sellers offering Cinema 4D at a competitive price.

How to buy Cinema 4D online

The world of visual effects is a complex one. From the viewer’s perspective, the action in front of their eyes is as real as it comes, but from the effects artist the tools and planning involved are far from straightforward. This highlights the need for software that can take a complex set of plans and models and turn them into a realistic scene in seconds. This is why many Hollywood movies have materialized so successfully from the cutting room floor of The Foundry Nuke.


BLOG – 6/14/12

Luxology Modo makes character design easy

Those working on Mac or PC might be looking for an excellent piece of software that can cater for all their 3D modeling needs. There are many programs that offer these services, but Luxology Modo is on another level. With lightning-fast model rendering and next generation 3D sculpting tools, this is a piece of software that is more than just a design aid; it’s revolutionary.

The features of the new Luxology Modo

The newest release of Luxology Modo includes tools such as a full-body IK solver which allows for the rendering of realistic movements in less time, pre-defined pose tools which can be personalized to new characters and plenty of color and painting tools. This is just a sample of some of the elements that come with the new software. Those who have used Luxology software in the past will not be disappointed with the new release.


BLOG – 6/15/12

Reasons to buy Cinema 4D

Many artists have the vision that makes them the best in the industry, and along with expert planning and a good understanding of designing, this is enough to make someone an expert in their field. For some, however, they may find that their 3D animations need a little assistance to match the vision and style of the final piece, and this is why so many people buy Cinema 4D. This software is favored by many as the answer to perfect visual animation.

Why the professionals buy Cinema 4D

The reason that so many experts in the animation industry buy Cinema 4D and rate it as the best is largely to do with the tools that can aid character animation. These can help the programming of movement, skin tones and facial expressions. These elements are important in making a character believable, which is one of the most important factors when creating an animated piece of work. It also has advanced lighting and texture tools for precision building of each scene.


BLOG – 6/18/12

Achieve faster rendering with V-Ray for Maya

V-Ray for Maya offers the best in all areas of VFX editing, including speed, versatility, reliability and interactivity. It is a tool that is used to create some of the most awe-inspiring effects in big Hollywood movies and award-winning TV shows and commercials. One of the things it excels in is the fast rendering of scenes, even those that are large and complex to create. This makes it a great tool for anyone looking to speed up their workflow without compromising on the look of the final piece.

The tools on V-Ray for Maya

One of the things that make V-Ray for Maya popular with VFX artists is its ability to create textures much quicker than designing them from scratch. It includes features such as sun and sky lighting and CarPaint Material, both of which achieve amazing results every time without sacrificing individuality in the work and control over the final pieces.


BLOG – 6/19/12

Creating photorealistic effects with NukeX

Creating a believable 3D scene is harder than it might look from the finished product. For every second that passes in an animation or special effects scene, it is likely that many hours of work has had to go into it. As the standards are increasing for movie effects, the demands on the people creating the scenes are too. This is the reason that many artists choose NukeX to help them with their work.

The tools included with NukeX

As one of the industry’s most used programs, NukeX has many tools that help designers make their skills go further. Artists can make use of intelligent lighting controls, 3D camera tracker and many painting and coloring tools that can create effects that would otherwise take many hours to achieve. These are just some of the reasons it is so popular, and growing even more so with each release that comes out.


BLOG – 6/20/12

Using the best tools with Luxology Modo

Artists know that for a world-class design they need world-class tools. Many editors, illustrators and graphic designers use Luxology Modo for the flexibility it offers in their pipeline. With other tools, rendering large scenes can take a long time – days in some cases – and this is something that will slow a job down and make it more expensive in the long term. Buying a program such as Modo speeds this up and costs the company less in man hours and resources.

Taking modeling to the next level with Luxology Modo

Modeling and painting in design is something that takes skill first and a good set of tools second. This is what makes Luxology Modo stand out above the rest. For those who are already used to using design tools, this is a program that can make more of the skills and knowledge these artists already possess by making the process quicker.


BLOG – 6/21/12

V-Ray for 3DS Max helps to get the scene right

Anyone working in the VFX field knows of the importance of getting a scene right without spending too long on it. This is a constant issue with artists as it risks them compromising the look of a scene just to meet the deadline. This is why V-Ray for 3DS Max is such a valuable tool, as it lets artists create the scenes they want with additional help to speed up the process.

The customizable tools in V-Ray for 3DS Max

V-Ray for 3DS Max does more than just help, it features fully customizable tools that do not detract from the overall look of the work. These tools are built to give the artist the most control possible while being able to create realistic textures and lighting effects. This can speed the workflow up dramatically while still allowing the artist to follow his own vision and create the scene exactly as he sees it.


BLOG – 6/22/12

Wacom Cintiq 21UX is a tool to help dedicated artists

A graphics tablet is an important tool for illustrators and designers, and Wacom is a brand name that many go to when they need to upgrade and choose something better. The Wacom Cintiq 21UX is a device that not only lets artists express themselves perfectly, but it’s also a fully interactive monitor that can help with more precise editing. Many of the nation’s best artists use this tool to create award-winning drawings.

Buying the Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Due to its popularity, the Wacom Cintiq 21UX has been selling out at outlets all over the country as illustrators and animators try and get their hands on the next generation of graphics tablets. This is why many people call ahead and place an order for when the next supply is ordered. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the hardware will be glad they did.


BLOG – 6/25/12

Being more realism to your work with Autodesk Maya 2013

When animation simply meant cartoons, viewers were not particularly interested in ‘realistic’ effects. The new age of digital animation now means that TV shows and movies are expected to look much more realistic, and with so many high-end studios producing new work with some of the best character and texture development in it, it takes a piece of software such as Autodesk Maya 2013 to keep up.

Using Autodesk Maya 2013 to build up the scene

The strength of Autodesk Maya 2013 is that it can be used to make amazing animation of characters using special modeling techniques to bring character ideas to life and make their movements realistic and easy to work with. These tools can be used for all kinds of items, such as vehicles, animals and even background objects such as trees and water. These other elements are the parts that will be crucial to the visual success of a scene.
BLOG – 6/26/12

Buy Cinema 4D from a well-established company

A company that has been developing their software for 25 years based on their customer needs and feedback is one that can create something to rival any other system. This is the case for Maxon, who have come up with a motion graphics editor that is fast becoming an industry favorite. Many customers buy Cinema 4D because of the excellent reputation of the software and are not disappointed by what they find.

Some reasons to buy Cinema 4D

Some of the reasons to buy Cinema 4D include new character tools, improved collaborative capabilities and better rendering of scenes. With each new release of the software there is more that is built in to help graphic artists and editor make more of their skills and meet tighter deadlines without sacrificing their need for quality. The tools on board are designed so that this work can be achieved in less time, with more automation without a lack of complete control over the finished product. This is why so many artists choose to work with Maxon.


BLOG – 6/27/12

Don’t get left behind, use The Foundry Nuke

It is not always the quality of the animation or the software that lets a project down. With fast-approaching deadlines, many studios find that they fail to meet expected requirements because of the lack of speed of their software. When an artist is constantly interrupted with loading screens, or has to keep moving on to other things while the system renders the scene, this can seriously disrupt the timeline of the project and the focus of the artist at work. This is why The Foundry made Nuke – a system that is unparalleled for speed and efficiency in the world of compositing.

Enjoy improved speed with The Foundry’s Nuke software

The release of The Foundry’s Nuke system brought about the biggest upgrade to the world of editing with this software. The new package has more tools, better flexibility and integration with other programs and faster speeds that no longer hamper the efforts of the artists and editors. With each release of the software, The Foundry redefine what can be achieved with 3D animation and virtual effects.


BLOG – 6/28/12

Keeping up with blockbuster movies using Autodesk Smoke

The standards for edited TV and film material are getting higher all the time. Multi-million dollar studios have the money to hire the best artists in the industry, and this results in groundbreaking animations and special effects. Smaller studios need to know the software they can use to have the best chance of meeting these standards without getting left behind, and Autodesk Smoke is something they often use to do this.

Autodesk Smoke for the Mac

Mac computers are capable of great things, but it was only in the last decade that support for these computers really became a mainstream thing. Autodesk Smoke works with the Mac OS to create effects that look as real as if they had been captured on video. What’s more is that the software is much faster than other options, making use of the amazing hardware within the Mac that makes it a top choice for visual artists.


BLOG – 6/29/12

Using Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 for better rendering and compositing

Any VFX artist wanting to create superior scenes in their work will need software that is up to the job. Not all editing software will be able to cope with the speed that the artist wants to work at or the complexity of the scenes created. Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 is a top choice for those who do require these things, and is one of the best rendering and compositing tools available for the industry.

Where to buy Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 from

Editing software is a big expense for a company, and it is nice to know that the supplier of the software will be on hand at all times to offer help, advice and answer questions on the purchasing side of things. A retailer that has experience with using the product will also be able to suggest additional add-ons that could improve the process, based on the information provided by the buyer. This is why customers tend to buy their Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 software from an Autodesk Gold Partner reseller who understands the needs their customers.

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Webinar: Network Attached Storage for Creative Workflows
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Deadline 9 Now Available
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The latest version of our scalable high-volume compute management solution – Deadline 9.0 is now available. This new version introduces additional security features and UI improvements. For improved security of your render farm, all connections from Deadline to the Deadline database…

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Realflow 10 is much improved and faster with a lot of new features. Realflow 10 also has a new lower price! Check out the new Dyverso Multiphysics solver, three new daemons and more.

Phoenix FD Maya Beta Now Available
Dec 7, 2016 | No Comments | Read more →

Phoenix FD for Maya Beta. Phoenix FD can simulate smoke, liquids, ocean waves, splashes, spray, mist, and more. It’s been refined to give users the power they need, with tools that are fast, intuitive and interactive. We’ve also added online licensing as an option.

Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R18 – New Features
Jul 25, 2016 | No Comments | Read more →

Maxon announced the release of Cinema 4D R18 today at Siggraph in Anaheim. After watching some of the demos and reading a bit about it, the new features look pretty great. Take a look at the press release below from Maxon, and check out this Promo to find out how you can get a free copy of Cinema 4D R18.

V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit Has Been Released
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V-Ray Beta 3 for Revit is now ready! Beta 3 runs noticeably faster — up to 30% faster. We’ve also refined the interface, improved interactive rendering and added support for Revit 2017.

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