AJA Ki Pro v3.0 firmware is now available

New Ki Pro v3.0 firmware is now available for download from the AJA website.  Ki Pro v3.0 provides a unified firmware release for both the Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini.

This is a major release with tons of significant and exciting new features, such as:

New for Ki Pro

  •   LANC Support
  •   RS-422 functionality increased
  •   ExpressCard/34 support added
  •   FireWire 800 port enabled
  •   FireWire 400 port enabled

New for both Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini

  •   File transfer over Ethernet
  •   Continuing to record during a loss of video
  •   Playlist creation feature added to web UI
  •   Presets can be created, saved and recalled
  •   New and improved UI designs for the web and iPhone

Note: AJA recommends a Factory Reset under the CONFIG menu prior to updating firmware.

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